Sony XL-2000U

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Sony XL-2000U Replacement Lamps are the perfect choice for the following TVs or projector: KF-60XBR80, KF-50XBR800, KF-60DX100 and KF-42SX200, KF-40SX200, KF-42SX100, KF-50SX200, KP-XR43TW1, KF-50SX100, KF-50SX100U and KF-50XBR800.

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Technical Information:
Product Type: 100 W Projector Lamp
• Movement: Tilt
• Compatible Devices: LCD
• Lamp Power: 100W
• Brand name: Sony
• Model: XL-2000U
• Dimensions: 3.25’’ x 3.25” x 6,87’’
• Weight: 2 pounds/9.17 oz
• Estimated lamp life: 6000 hour
• Maximum Screen Size Supported: 55 in
• Minimum Screen Size Supported: 42 in

Product Review
The Reasons why you should buy this lamp:
The Sony XL-2000U projection lamp has been specifically designed to be one component of Sony’s KF-60XBR80, KF-50XBR800 and KF-60DX100. The replacement lamp can also go in with the models KF-50XBR800, KF-42SX100, KF-50SX100, KF-50SX200, KF-40SX200, KP-XR43TW1, KF-50SX100U and KF-42SX200.
It is important to note that all the above models include an internal 3-LCD projector of which the image is created by shinning a bright light in this case produced by an XL-2000U bulb. With time, the original bulb will start wearing out and this is the time that you will need to replace the Sony XL-2000U projection lamp.
Most users usually end up not replacing this lamp because they lack the basic of knowledge about the replacement of these lamps, instead they get some friend or professional to do it at a higher cost. After replacing the lamp you will notice a significant improvement as if you have just bought the TV or Projector.

Installing the Lamp?
This lamp is equally easy to lamp as it can only take five minutes at most for it to be fully installed. The installation of this lamp does not need any person with the technical know-how as it can be done by anyone provided that he reads the manual and follows the instructions to the letter.

Reason as to why you should buy this product here
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Is this product worth? its market value
It is always important to make sure that this product is compatible with your device before you decide to buy this product. We have this information at the top of the page. Various users of this lamp have had various opinion on this lamp, there are some whose lamps have lasted for a few months while there are others whose lamps have lasted for more than five years. Users whose lamps have lasted long have been found to have correctly followed the basic television usage.

Installation Instructions:
As stated earlier installing the XL-2000U in your projector is very simple, here are the instructions that you will follow:
1. Switch off your television set, unplug it from the power terminal.
2. Carefully take out the brand new XL-2000U light from your box. Do it carefully so that you don’t shake it at all.
3. Make sure your hand is dry and free from any moisture or oils as this will cause your new lamp to overheat . Always use some clothe to wipe hyour hands and the lamp before the installation process.
Here are the instructions on how to replace the XL2000u in your TV. It is not that hard!
4. Fourthly, remove your television exterior light cover by taking off the light cover. You will then see a lamp that sits on a button and a flap. Flip the button in the anticlockwise direction and remove the cover.
5. Hold the lamp upon the circle hanle and pull it out directly. Be careful as the light could be still hot, make sure that you keep it away from the glass.
6. You can now replace the new light bulb into the plug where you removed the old one from. It will fit correctly do not force it in however.
7. Make sure that you also return the light gate back as well as the switch button. Roll it in a clockwise direction and press the light cover into its spot.